Engineering Stone

Engineering Stone


About Our Quartz
Comprised of 93% natural quartz, Quartz surfaces offer an exciting new option for countertops. Quartz surfaces offer the realistic, high-polished look of granite, with a wide range of consistent color options. Crushed quartz, one of nature’s hardest minerals, is combined with polymer resins and then compacted in dense, non-porous, consistent colored slabs. They are offered in an array of colors from neutral tones to bold, luminous hues. Quartz surfaces are resistant to cracking and chipping and heat and scorch resistant under normal cooking conditions, however the resins combined with the quartz make the surfaces slightly less durable than granite. Although no sealing is required, it is recommended to wipe any spills immediately.
Most Quartz surfaces are available in the same thicknesses as granite, and can be fabricated with all the edge profiles. Quartz surfaces are man-made slabs, therefore usually slightly more expensive than granite and other natural stones. Colors and availability can also affect pricing.

Wholesale Quartz
We also have a very large selection of Wholesale Quartz Surfaces which combine the beauty of the natural world quartz crystals and technologically advanced polymers. The result is an extremely hard, durable quartz surface with performance and aesthetic characteristics that go far beyond that of other stone products.

granite,marble,quartz,slabsCheck out our Wholesale Quartz Surfaces


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granite,marble,quartz,slabsQuartz Surfaces are a durable and stylish solution for Kitchen counters, Vanity tops, Floor and Wall coverings offering superior performance to Natural Stones such as Granite & Marble. Comes with a 15 year Warrenty in a wide range of different colours.

granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Series Colors

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite White

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite White

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Black

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Black

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Mist

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Mist

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Graphite

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Graphite

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Essel Brown

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Essel Brown

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Beige

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Beige

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Orange

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Orange

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Red

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Red

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Yellow

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Star Lite Yellow

granite,marble,quartz,slabs Classic Series Colors

  • granite,marble,quartz,slabs Cemento Grey

    granite,marble,quartz,slabs Cemento Grey

  • Polar White

    granite Polar White

  • Snow White

     Snow White

  • Cosmos

    granite Cosmos

  • Ice White

     Ice White

Natura Series Colors

  • Platinum Calacatta

     Platinum Calacatta

  • Dusky Black

     Dusky Black

  • Cosmos Magma

     Cosmos Magma

  • Arizona Brown

     Arizona Brown

  • Cotton Crema

     Cotton Crema

  • Monsoon Brown

     Monsoon Brown

  • Marquina Black

     Marquina Black

  • Marquina Brown

     Marquina Brown

  • Midnight Black

     Midnight Black

  • Silver Brown

     Silver Brown

  • Silver Spider

     Silver Spider

  • Carrara Crema

     Carrara Crema

  • Monsoon White

     Monsoon White

Onyx Series Colors

  • Grey Onyx

     Grey Onyx

 Novelties Colors

  • Calcutta Nova

     Calcutta Nova

  • Calcutta Platinum

     Calcutta Platinum

  • Candy White

     Candy White

  • Carrara Venita

     Carrara Venita

  • Cloud White

     Cloud White

  • Dolci Delight

     Dolci Delight

  • Orchid White

     Orchid White